Office Visits

Through EERI-SEAOSC's Office Visit Program, members visit partner offices, learn from practicing engineers, and get a fresh perspective.

Our chapter works with leading design firms across Southern California to organize office visits for undergraduate and graduate student members. Office visits have become one of our most popular events in recent years due to the incredible insight it provides students who are ready to specialize and enter the industry. By visiting a partner company, undergraduates begin forming a vision for the future. Graduate students take first steps by applying to full-time opportunities. Many of our members have successfully completed interviews and received full time offers after participating in an office visit.

EERI-SEAOSC will be planning multiple office visits each quarter during the 2019-2020 academic year. We look forward to continuing a tradition that has brought students and professionals closer together than ever before.

2019-2020 Office Visits

2018-2019 Office Visits