2020-2021 Executive Board

Keri Scholte


Abhimanyu Singh

Vice President

Sara Abou Karroum


Eileen Ho

Professional Outreach Director

Kyle Hu

Professional Research Director

Reion Richard Domingo

Media Director

Honor Fisher

Conference Director

Peter Lee

SEAOSC Liaison

Amir Parsa Arefian

External Affairs/Social Director

Alumni Advisor

Faculty Advisor

Prof. Henry V Burton

Dr. Henry V. Burton is an Associate Professor and the Englekirk Presidential Chair in Structural Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles. He teaches the Advanced Structural Analysis, Structural Reliability, Nonlinear Structural Analysis and Structural Testing and Design courses at UCLA. His research is directed towards understanding and modeling the relationship between the performance of built infrastructure systems, and the ability of communities to minimize the extent of sociotechnical disruption following natural hazard events. Dr. Burton is a registered structural engineer in the state of California. Prior to obtaining his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University, he spent six years in practice at Degenkolb Engineers, where he worked on numerous projects involving design of new buildings and seismic evaluation and retrofit of existing buildings. He is a recipient of the National Science Foundation Next Generation of Disaster Researchers Fellowship (2014) and the National Science Foundation CAREER Award (2016).